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Full Intention are UK Producers and
Remixers Michael Gray and Jon Pearn

Full Intention Productions

Full Intention - Don't you feel it (Toolroom UK)
Full Intention - La Musique (Intention UK)
Michael Gray & Jon Pearn - Jupiter One (Intention UK)
Full Intention feat Shena - I"ll be waiting (Intention UK)
Full Intention - Play (Intention UK)
Full Intention - America (Intention UK)
Full Intention - Forever (Intention UK)
Full Intention - I will follow (Intention UK)
Full Intention - Once in a lifetime (Intention UK)
Kenny Thomas - Crazy World (suSU UK)
Kenny Thomas - Turn it up (suSU UK)
Miami Ice - Better than perfect (Dtension US)
Full Intention - Deep inside (Essential/DND UK)
Full Intention - The Guitar (Essential/DND UK)
Full Intention - Don't you feel it? (Essential/DND UK)
Full Intention - Just the way (Essential/DND UK)

Full Intention - It hurts me (Dtension US
Full Intention - Once in alifetime (Dtension US))
Full Intention - Orange EP - La Musique / This beat (Essential/DND UK)
Full Intention - It seems to hang on (Dtension US)
Deep down - A Definite strangeness (remix) - (Dtension Us)
Full Intention - Green EP - The groove / It's set to groove (Essential/DND UK)
Full Intention - Forever (Essential/DND UK)
Full Intention - Believe (Essential/DND UK)
Full Intention - Red EP - What's in it for me / Before
(DND Distribution UK)
Full Intention - Blue EP-Feeling High/No one (DND Distribution UK)
Full Intention feat Shena - Your day is coming (UK) Essence
Full Intention feat Thea Austin - Soul Power (UK) Peppermint Jam
Full Intention - Stars ( US) Dtension
Una Mas - I will follow (UK) Defected
Dina Vass - The love I have (UK) Go Beat

Dajae - What do you want (UK) Essence
Full Intention - Can't get over you (US) Dtension
Highrise - Time after Time (UK) via Essential Distribution
Deepdown - Give me your love - vocal & Dub mixes- (US) Dtension
Shena - I'll be waiting (UK) Rulin & (US) Dtention
Full Intention - Satisfied (US) Dtension
Discotex presents Cloudburst - I can cast a spell (UK) Absolution * co produced by Danny Harison 
Soundworks - Nitro's Groove (UK) via Essential Distribution
Soundworks - I'll Do anything/It's a Summer Groove (UK) via Essential Distribution
Full Intention - "Everybody loves the Sunshine" (US) Dtension
Awa Band - Timba (UK) Defected
Debbie Pender - "Just be Yourself" (US) Dtension
Stella Browne - Every woman needs love (UK) Perfecto
Anthony Moriah - Whatcha doing now - (US) Dtension
Full Intention presents Deepdown - Give me your love / A definite strangeness - (US) Dtension
Full Intention presents Hustle Espanol - (Do the) Spanish Hustle - (US) Dtension
Metlife - How do you feel - (UK) Sharp Recordings
The Rule - I need your love - (US) Subliminal
Storm Life - So bad - (UK) Electric Funk
Full Intention - Everybody loves the Sunshine - (UK) Sugar Daddy
UK Anthony Moriah - The Reality - (UK) East West Records
Full Intention - You are Somebody - (UK) Sugar Daddy
Sex o Sonique - I Thought It Was You - (UK) FFRR
Ronaldo's Revenge - Mas que mancada - (UK) AM:PM Records
Full Intention - America - (UK) Stress Records
Full Intention - Uptown - (UK) Stress Records
Full Intention - In the Streets - (US) Sugar Daddy
America / Holdin - The return of Full Intention - (US) Sugar Daddy
Full Intention - Can I get a witness / Tell me - Vol 2 - (US) Sugar Daddy
Full Intention - Dancing all Night / I miss you - Vol 1 - (US) Sugar Daddy
Definitive featuring Luciana - Call you baby - (UK) Electric Funk
Soul Asylum - Who do you love - (UK) Electric Funk
Full Intention - Shake your body - (UK)Stress Records

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